Innowatorium Foundation

The Innowatorium Foundation was established in 2010 on the initiative of people who were close to the idea of edutainment - learning through playing - to create innovative educational tools.

The Foundation team has created more than 30 original educational methods mostly based on games. The main interest is in training techniquess for youth and adults, based on simulation games, educational urban and spatial games.

Foundation's staff consists of a small group of managers and a dedicated and connected group of specialists from various fields: from youth animators, trainers and businessmen, through urban planners, sociologists to engineers, neurobiologists and experts in the field of atomic and renewable energy. Together, they create educational tools that, in an interesting and engaging way, convey knowledge and skills that young people have little chance to learn during their formal education.

We mainly focus on such aspects of life as: local development, creating leaders among young people, negotiations, conflict resolution, management and holistic thinking about the processes of the modern world.

The most recognizable product of the foundation is the simulation game SmileUrbo, which allows you to develop communication, social and leadership competences (based on the theory of local development).

Last modified: Saturday, 9 October 2021, 5:28 AM