Esmovia is a Spanish training company located in Valencia (Spain) and dedicated to the management of European mobility projects. We are specialized in providing traineeships and work placements for VET students and job shadowing for VET staff, school education staff and adult education staff.

ESMOVIA staff is composed of a multicultural team (6 different nationalities) that work with us since different years. Esmovia staff considers transnational mobility as one of the most important ways of getting new competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) thus improving the participants’ personal development and employability on the European labour market. For this reason, the main objective is to offer quality programmes so that participants get the maximum benefit from the Spanish training and personal experience.

The company offers a range of services: from advanced vocational orientation to tackle the background of changing working environment to measures for the promotion of innovative approaches in Lifelong Learning.

ESMOVIA has an extensive experience in the overall organisation of Partnership Projects both as promoter and as a partner. It is familiar with all the phases and steps foreseen in the implementation of exchange of good practices projects as well as development of innovation: creation of intellectual outputs (if foreseen), participation in transnational meetings, organization of multiplier events, dissemination, sustainability and financial management.

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