Blended mobility

The three-day training on Participatory Planning for the Erasmus+ Project Youth Education KA227 “YOUTH & CREATIVITY” with an objective to build the capacity of using creativity to build a new business was held at Maison Rococò – Martina Franca (Ta) from 23rd – 25th November 2021.

A total of 20 participants from four organizations participated in this training. 

On the first day, Grazia Martucci warmly welcomed the participants, presented the project, discussed the training activity agenda, and she presented the Youth & Creativity platform that had been created in previous months.

Then Teodor Sobczak (from Innowatorium) who divided the participants into five groups, moving on he explained the Wheel innovation game and set its norms in detail and it ended with an overview of the game’s results and the importance of creativity.

On the second day, María Ángeles Ruiz Gámez from the Partner Esmovia stepped in with an overview of Canvas Model that was given to participants, and the details of why creating a business plan using Canvas model is important and how it is carried, were discussed. After a PowerPoint presented by her, a discussion was undertaken that allowed to deepen the topic also granting participants to acquire skills and then simulate the creation of the business plan. A lot of work in groups and discussions was required on this day, they had to create their own business, with a logo and their target group or their relevant market. All the groups presented their creative company, and the presentations were followed by a briefing and discussion.

On the third day, Sebastian Korczak explained to the participants how to make a short commercial or a reel using telephones or cameras. After being divided in five groups and after an hour of hard work, participants successfully delivered the commercials. It was showcased that creativity is one of the best resources for a company. Moreover, the groups presented their ideas to other groups that were the investors and they learned how to sell a business idea to investors using the game Start-up Investors. The results and the developed activities of the training were also discussed, participants also provided positive feedback and after the final evaluation of the training, there was the certificate delivery and the delivery of a bag and a t-shirt with the logo of Youth and Creativity and of the partners too. 

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