Cultura e Dintorni

Cultura e Dintorni is a small and medium enterprise located in Martina Franca and dedicated to the management of European mobility projects; it comes from the experience gained through the homonymous cultural association that has been dealing with Erasmus planning for years. It is specialized in providing traineeships and work placements for VET students and job shadowing for VET staff, school education staff and adult education staff. Moreover it has a catalogue of structured courses addressed to school education staff and adult education staff.

The company offers a range of services: from advanced vocational orientation against the background of changing working environment to measures for the promotion of innovative approaches in Lifelong learning. In fact, Cultura e Dintorni is involved in several EU projects focused on motivation and enhancement of personal skills and competences developed through learning experiences abroad.

Cultura e Dintorni cooperates with several partners from all over Europe, with public organizations and private companies of Apulia that welcome young guests from all over Europe for training or internship.

Last modified: Saturday, 9 October 2021, 5:26 AM